We Are Not Superwomen

But we can heal the world. A haiku on coming into motherhood and finding your power.


Define your power
Stealth quiet background leader
Fierce bold brave warrior

We all have stories
Unique gifts, influencers
Things that fuel us

Step up, step back, pause
Read, watch, listen to your soul
Reflect on your needs

Who can do it all?
We are not superwomen
Life is a team sport

We are beautiful
In our raging messiness
We manage so much

Celebrate your fem
Sing, dance, love, nurture yourself
Let it all hang out

Own your Goddess gifts
Lift Goddesses around you
Let us share our loads

Don’t forget yourself
As you take care of others
Nurturers need love

Shine the light you have
Illumination expands
We will heal the world

Heather Nodelman is the founder and chief organizer of Circle of Light in San Francisco, which was created to bring together community in an effort to educate and inspire specific relevant action.